In March, Monkey Puzzle we will be running a series of webinars to help people understand the opportunities available to them when starting an Early Years career and what progression and growth they can aim to achieve as their career progresses.

The webinars are available to all who wish to join and we welcome anyone who would like to learn more about Apprenticeships and Early Years careers. Please see below an overview of each of the webinars we are holding including the date and time.

If you would like to attend any, or all, of the webinars please either click “Sign up Now” or scroll to the bottom of the page to submit your details in the simple form, selecting the session(s) you would like to join. After signing up we will send you an email providing details around how to join the webinar.


6th March 2024 – 11am

This webinar will be focusing routes into Early Years Apprenticeships and will cover all you need to know about the Monkey Puzzle apprenticeship programme.

Careers in Early Years

20th March 2024 – 11am

This webinar will focus on the growth, development and opportunities available with a career in Early Years and the opportunities available to you from joining a franchise Early Years care provider.

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