Award For Designer Helping Children Learn Through Play

The 2015 International Design Awards has recognised an innovative product to help children learn through play.

Elli Gkologkina, a certified architect based in Crete, currently studying as a distance learner at Gloucestershire University on the Postgraduate Professionals in Children’s Play, won the Silver Award for her design, “Many Happy Re-Turns”.

The device made out of corrugated cardboard can be played with, sat on and moved into a variety of positions allowing children to use their developing imagination dictating how it is played with.

“Many Happy Re-Turns” has seven ways in which it can be used to roll, sat on or pushed by toddlers and adults. It can also be used as a chair, a blackboard or a surface for learning to take place.

Elli is part of the Transformable Intelligent Environments Laboratory team behind the exciting product, which has been designed to assist the learning through play approach to early years education.

Wendy Russell, senior lecturer in Play and Playwork at the university, praised Elli and the teams work, “We are delighted that Elli and her colleagues have won this prestigious award. She has an interest in children’s play and so she enrolled on our distance learning postgraduate Professional Studies in Children’s Play programme. This design shows how she has brought together her architectural design skills and her understanding of children’s play. We heartily congratulate her and her colleagues on this award.”

Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries are proactive in promoting learn through play techniques to enhance preschool children’s education and support innovation in this area of learning. So we say…

Well done Elli!