200,000 Families To Miss Out On Childcare Tax Break

Yes you read that right! Up to 200,000 families are likely to miss out on the Government’s new childcare tax break.

One of the coalition’s flagship policies will be introduced next year, but why will so many families potentially miss out?

Because they don’t have access to the internet.

Is this just a crazy estimation thought up by opponent’s of the coalition?


…it is an admission by the Exchequer Secretary, Priti Patel leaked to the Independent on Sunday. Here’s what she said…

“HMRC does not have exact figures but estimates that around 9 per cent of parents that will be eligible for the scheme do not have access to the internet. HMRC is committed to helping people use its services online and will make assisted digital options available for those currently not able to access the internet. These will help all parents register for the scheme, reconfirm their details and operate their account digitally.”

You would hope that such a major policy would have effectively been made available all those eligible, so to hear that 10% of those will potentially not be given access because they don’t own a mouse, is staggering!

So come on Coalition, sort this mess out and give alternative options to those that either don’t want or can’t afford an internet connection!

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