Wickham Monkey Puzzle Nursery Rated Good By Ofsted

We are very proud to announce that following their first ever Ofsted inspection, our Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery in Wickham has been awarded a “good” rating!

There were 4 areas that the Ofsted team highlighted as being strong, these wer…

  • The strong staff team have a high focus on each child and their family. Overall, they successfully tune into their individual needs.
  • Relationships are strong at all levels. The key person system is well-embedded.
  • Good quality play and learning takes place. Staff effectively build on children’s knowledge and skills during purposeful interactions.
  • A stimulating, well-resourced and enabling environment inspires children to engage in play and exploration.

The good rating is testament to all the hard work that owner, Helen Dale, the manager Shellie Dearden and all the staff have put in. But that hard work will not stop their! Their aim is to be “outstanding” after their next inspection.

There were only two areas that Ofsted suggested improvements could be made, and the reasons why they were not rated outstanding, which Helen has begun to improve, almost before the inspectors had left!

So huge congratulations to Helen and her team, all at Monkey Puzzle are proud of you!

The full Ofsted report can be read here

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