Favourite Childhood Playground Games

We all have our favourite playground games from the past, many have stood the test of time, others forgotten and now just fond memories, but the truth is many favourite playground games from our childhood would still amuse the children of today if they only knew about them.

I know from my past that when in the playground there were hardly any toys or gadgets to amuse us, so it was up to us to be creative and amuse ourselves. I, myself made a point of passing down the games I used to play with my children so that they aren’t lost forever, and there were never any complaints from either of them!

For some time now there has been concern that children no longer play outside, sure the weather doesn’t help and this coupled with the lure of the TV and computer games makes it difficult to get your kids outdoors. But resurrecting “retro” playground games will bring joy to many children, believe me?

So here are three little gems that I remember fondly that you should play with the little ones…

Please Mr Crocodile (a gentler version of British Bulldog!)

To play this you need a few kids so maybe try it at a party.

One player assumes the part of the crocodile and the other players stand on the opposite side and say together, “Please Mr Crocodile may we cross the water to see the Queen’s daughter, who fell in the water 100 year’s ago? Mr Crocodile what colour should we wear?”

At this point the “crocodile” chooses a colour and any of the other children wearing that colour have to try and get to the other side without being caught by him.

Should they be caught then they become the crocodile. Simple but lots of fun, and guaranteed giggling!

Bad Egg

Before I start on this, there are no bad smells involved, promise!

One player is chosen who becomes the “bad egg”. They turn their back to the others and then asks the others each to name something from a particular group (colour, football team etc…). Once each player has answered, the “bad egg” throws a tennis ball over their shoulder (oops forgot to tell you needed that!) and shouts out one of the answers. All of the players bar “bad egg” run in different directions, the one whose answer was called has to run after the ball and shout “stop” once they have it.

On hearing stop, all players remain stationary and stand with their legs apart except for the ball holder. They have to attempt to roll it under the legs of one of the other players. If successful that player becomes “bad egg”, fail and the player who retrieved the ball becomes “bad egg”.

French Cricket

I suppose this ones for the boys, but girls can play too.

All players stand in a circle and one is chosen to bat first. That kid stands with their feet together and defends the stumps (their legs) with a cricket bat. The players in the circle bowl at the stumps and he must bat the ball away. If he does he can move his feet and face in a different position. If not he has to stay in the same position and twist to defend his stumps without moving his feet.

He is out when the stumps are either hit or he is caught and replaced with the person who got him out.

The last one is my favourite and I played it just this weekend, I’m still a big kid at heart…

Enjoy these games but be safe and with balls involved watch the windows!! Finally if you didn’t already know Monkey Puzzle also designs and installs playgrounds all over the country, if you want a free site visit with a 3D CAD drawing of your design with no obligation then get in touch with us.

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