Things To Do With The Kids In The Summer Holidays

It’s that time of the year again when a certain dread befalls Mums and Dads up and down the country…

“How can I possibly keep the kids occupied throughout the summer holidays?”

First of all don’t feel guilty! When you consider that you have over 500 hours of “entertainment” to provide to keep your little ones happy, it is enough to make even the most inventive people stretched.

But don’t despair, just be practice,l start thinking of ideas now so that the summer holidays don’t just creep up on you and leave you in a panic.

A chunk of it, for many families, will be dealt with by a family holiday so that’s about 25% taken care of!

Next get online…

I was searching the web for the very same reason today and was amazed how many ideas and events I found that not just the kids, but you as well, can enjoy. There are many websites to pull from and I would suggest you begin with these five and adding them to a summer planner…

Why not also look up for free activities in your local area, you will be surprised how much there is available.

One last tip, and one I use EVERY summer. Speak with your kids friends parents and share the load! Having extra kids doesn’t mean that it will be double or treble the work load, but what it does mean is you will get a break when their parents reciprocate.

Enjoy the Summer fun!