Monkey Puzzle Highbury Leading The Way

Our Ofsted Outstanding nursery in Highbury have had their success recognised after Capita Conferences have invited Nursery Manager, Joy Wood and Operations Manager Anthony Kent to lead a session at an Early Years Inspection Conference to be held in Central London this October.

Since their opening less than two years ago, the core of their strategy was building strong relationships with parents so they are able to assist in their children’s learning outcomes while also ensuring they understand the common inspection framework and the importance of their role in the early years setting inspection success.

Capita Conferences made their decision to offer an invitation after looking at feedback from parents whose children attend the Islington day nursery, they were particularly impressed by the “overwhelming support and praise by the parents of the learners that attend” and Ofsted reporting that “parents are fully informed of their child’s progress and have access to their own child’s learning journal through using a secure online system.”

The learning journals offered by the nursery has been a particular success and something we believe all our nurseries will benefit from should they choose to adopt the software.

The conference, which will be held on 21 October, will be attended by all early years providers on the childcare register, local authorities and private voluntary organisations.

Joy, who will be leading the conference session, commented, “We are very happy to share our experience and strategies and highlight the importance of working with parents to enable the success of the nursery and their children’s early years education, the two go hand in hand.”

So we want to wish both Joy and Anthony every success on the day and well done to all the management and staff for being recognised as innovative, childcare provision leaders.

Is This The Greenest Day Nursery In London?

One of our newest additions to the Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery nationwide network, will open its doors to the public in September 2013. Situated in the newly renovated Loxfords building in Highbury Park, this historic and elegant property also boasts an environmental breakthrough, incorporating a unique heating and energy system that reduces harmful emissions to a level hardly seen before.

The system is one of the first to be installed in a new development anywhere in London and will provide heat and energy for the nursery, while having a low detrimental impact on the local environment.

Now I could try and offer you, the reader, a chemistry lesson on how the process works, but I feel you would lose interest rapidly and I would get thoroughly confused! So I thought it best for Monkey Puzzle Highbury’s owner, Geoff Kent to explain in layman’s terms.

“This revolutionary method of providing the energy and heat that we need to operate, utilises glycerine waste which is added to standard biofuels, providing our energy needs with very low emissions. It is currently recognised as the greenest fuel solution available”

“The use of glycerine waste which burns more efficiently and produces less emissions, also limits the reliance on growing bio fuels, freeing up land which can then be used for growing food crops.”

The day nursery which is a family affair, being run by husband and wife team, Geoff and Wendy Kent and supported by their son Anthony, has a strong focus on being environmentally friendly. The furniture within the nursery has been sourced from sustainable beech forests in the Baltic states and whenever a decision is to be made by them regarding the nursery, wherever possible they will choose a green alternative.

So keep an eye out for more news and the opening date for London’s “greenest day nursery”, in our humble opinion, the ideal place for your child to begin their educational journey.

For information regarding places and employment opportunities, call Fran at Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries head office on 01442 878887 or get in touvh via our contact page.