The Best Educational Toys For Christmas

Yikes! It’s that time of year again, just weeks away from Christmas and for a lot of us parents the present buying still hasn’t begun!

But hold on…

There’s still time to buy presents and toys that will not only entertain your kids but also educate them, a perfect combination no?

Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries have always viewed learning through play as a core value of our nurseries. We are constantly on the look out for new ideas and products that embraces our approach.

We recently came across a great storytelling app based on the classic story, Goldilocks and the Three bears, which we felt we had to let parents know about.

But with Christmas shopping still on the list of things to do for many parents, I went hunting on line for a comprehensive list of the best educational toys to buy this Christmas.

I viewed many websites, but I was not surprised to find that the excellent website The School Run, came up with not ten, not twenty but one hundred of the best educational toys out there this Christmas!

The list is broken down into key sections, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and some stocking fillers to go alongside. Take a look at the full list and get some great ideas.

So don’t panic if you have been tied up and haven’t finished, or even started your Christmas present shopping yet, this comprehensive list will help you not only get fun toys for your toddlers, but toys that will benefit their continuing development…

…ho, ho, ho!