Save The Children – Universal Credit Campaign

Here at Monkey Puzzle we are supporting a new campaign set up by Save the Children that encourages the Government to ensure that Universal Credit fairly credits working mothers who genuinely need the support.

Save the Children discovered that 56% of mums say the main thing that is stopping them from getting a job, or leaving an existing one is the cost of childcare. With that in mind we agree with Save the Children that poorer mothers who are in work should be getting more help not less!

While the introduction of the new Universal Credit welfare scheme next year will benefit some, it will also have a detrimental on those that potentially need it most – poor mums working longer hours.

Research has revealed the new scheme will hit working mums hardest with as many as 150,000 ending up as much as £68 worse off. The knock on effect of this will lead to many more children falling below the poverty line.

The government actually recognise the logic and say they are committed to making work pay for the poorest families and this, they say, is the rationale behind the Universal Credit. Unfortunately, though, the money isn’t currently available to those who struggle to work their way above the breadline.

If changes to the welfare state, major as the Universal Credit are going to improve the situation, they must make sure their is sufficient support for the least well off mums in our society who genuinely want to work their way out of poverty.

You can find out more about the Save the Children campaign here.

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