Now Taxman Hits Stay at Home Mums

Following on from my last post outlining how the new childcare support plan will penalise families where one parent opts to stay at home to bring up a child, it seems that the Coalition Government didn’t stop there! It has now been revealed that the taxman hits stay at home Mums hardest following new taxes imposed by the coalition.

This situation means families with a stay at home parent now pay more tax than the international norm, as outlined by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The punishing tax inflicted on traditional families, as a result of the reduction in child benefit and changes to tax credits, contrasts with single people and two earner families who have benefitted  from cuts in personal allowances and other charges.

Once you add in the proposed changes for the new childcare support plan, expected to be introduced in 2015, the question has to be asked – has the Coalition Government got it in for the traditional family?

With a deflated economy it seems that the treasury has targeted stay at home mums, forcing them out to work to generate much needed tax resources.

But with many commentators blaming a seemingly fractured society on a breakdown in traditional family practices, what will be the potential effect on our future society, were parents forced to both work?

I personally feel parents should have the right to decide to stay home and raise the family, especially in its formative years. To punish them financially for that decision, in my eyes, is to pigeon hole them with those that simply do not want to work and benefit scroungers and, therefore, wholly wrong.

Former barrister, Laura Perrins, who quit her job to become a stay at home other confronted Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, saying, “It is wrong for the Government to be stacking the economic incentive against a mum who may want to stay at home and look after her children. They are incentivising mums to go out to work. Whether she decides to go to work full time or part time is a private decision. Stay-at-home mothers have a contribution to society that you are not able to measure on GDP figures”.

So it looks like the gloves are off and the taxman hits stay at home mums, favouring increasing tax revenue over supporting a traditional family environment.

Do you think the taxman hits stay at home mothers?

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