Monkey Puzzle Join In Shakespeare’s Birthday Parade.

Monkey Puzzle Shakespeare ParadeIf you asked every English speaking person on the planet who is the World’s most famous playwright, I can guarantee that the vast majority would say “Shakespeare”.

So when his birthday is celebrated, in his home town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, with an annual parade our Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery in Stratford had to join in the fun!

Although Shakespeare is a figure head in English history, it is surprising that the event itself is rather low key, but informality is at the heart of the event.

As the parade zig zags through the heart of Stratford with marching bands, dignitaries, members of RSC and even Sir Donald Sinden in full morning dress, the crowds applaud continuously with smiles on their faces.

This year the event had a slightly different theme as they looked to present a “cradle to the grave” journey of the Bard’s life.

Well done to everyone who helped organise the event and to all those who took part, including Stuart James, Monkey Puzzle Stratford-Upon-Avon owner and monkey in chief (!), his son Matt and some of our preschoolers!

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Stratford Upon Avon

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