Ideas For Homemade Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming the goose/turkey/duck/nut roast is getting fat (well maybe not the nut roast). But however much we love Christmas, some things can become a little stressful. Last minute running around the shops trying to finish the present shopping, food shopping on Christmas Eve, oh and let’s not forget how expensive it can be and for many this is the biggest headache of all.

But there is a solution…

Make your own!

Just like shopping for presents online, the internet is a great source of ideas and instructions for making great presents for the family and relatively cheaply. I know from experience that the joy my parents got from receiving presents made by their grandchildren (well maybe just a little help from me), outweighed the shop bought ones.

So my pre Christmas treat for you is a list of websites that I have sourced to give you ideas, tips and instructions for homemade presents and by posting this now the time for you to get everything together to make them!

For food lovers Delicious magazine offers some great ideas for gourmands every where.

All About You has lots of ideas for Mums, Dads, kids and the home.

How about 100 inexpensive ideas from the Happy Housewife!

And we mustn’t forget good old Netmums who have a ton of ideas for christmas gifts.

So there you have it, be creative and get making!

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