Have Fun And Learn With Storytelling Apps

Here at Monkey Puzzle Towers we are constantly looking for innovative vehicles for young children to learn through play. Sometimes that involves technology rather than pure physical exercise.

We recently came across a wonderfully thought out app based on the age old story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Your child will have fun embarking on a journey of discovery and exploration. They will be able to help Goldilocks search around the three bears house, filling her rumbling tummy, mending poor Little Bear’s chair and ultimately making amends for her naughtiness after the chaos she creates!

Too often nowadays, with so many apps available, children are hoodwinked into downloading them only to find they offer little cognitive value.

The Goldilocks app is different though.

With its charming illustrations, changeable, interactive story lines and quirky soundtrack your child will have hours of fun engaging with this app.

Here are some comments from parents that have enjoyed it…

“I love this app and so does my 3 year old. Hurry up and bring out the next one. We love the quirkyness and its currently on constant repeat. Beautiful illustrations and cute music.”

“Lovely illustrations, great fun story beautifully told and lots of little fun games too.”

Why not take a closer look at the Goldilocks and the Three Bears app and see how much fun you and your child could have.

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