Glastonbury Headliner Appears At Wilmslow Preschool Graduation Party

It’s that time of year when we say goodbye to some of our children as they continue their educational journey at primary school.

So what better way to give them a seed off than a graduation party!

But Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery in Wilmslow didn’t just put on any old party, no, they managed to secure a headline act from this year’s world famous Glastonbury festival!

No, Jagger & Co didn’t roll up to strum their way through their back catalogue, but Mr Yipadee did!

Mr Yipadee, 34 year old Dean O’ Brien headlined the kids stage at the recent Glastonbury festival and has also scored a number 1 in the iTunes Children’s Album Charts.

Glastonbury headliner performs at Wilmslow day nurseryUnderstandably it wasn’t just the children that were thrilled at his appearance, owner, Liz Butterworth was excited as well, “managing to get Mr Yipadee to appear at our graduation party has been an amazing coup for us. His unique approach to children’s entertainment, combining fun with positive messages and promoting self esteem, was a perfect send off for those children who will be leaving us to attend primary school”.

Mr Yipadee’s unique approach to children’s entertainment isn’t just aimed at fun and laughter, there is also an important message behind the fun, as Dean explained, “with the birth of my daughter, I realised there was very little positive, fun and engaging music for kids”.

He added, “Leading psychology, self-belief, and peak performance principles are often only translated for adults. Research proves the most effective age to learn and develop is in the first five years, so there seemed a huge gap in the market.”

Wilmslow Day NurseryLiz was delighted with to see the children having so much fun at the party, and as a qualified psychologist herself, admires the work that Dean is doing, “Self confidence and a positive self image are critical foundations for early learning and development” she said, “Mr Yipadee was the perfect addition to our party and, although we will miss them, we know that the children leaving will thrive in their new schools.”

I think you’ll agree from the photos, everyone had a wonderful time, and we wish all the children well at their new schools. If you are interested in places at Wilmslow Monkey Puzzle give them a call on 01625 444706 or get in touch via there website.

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