Common Household Items That Are Dangerous To Children

We would all like to think that our home is a safe haven for our children. In most cases it is, but this feeling of security can also lead to complacency. It is because of this that every year thousands of children are seriously injured, sometimes fatally. The good news is that most of these injuries can be avoided with necessary child safety measures in place. At Monkey Puzzle Nurseries Health & Safety is one of our, if not the, top priority so it almost comes as second nature and I thought I would pass on some basic tips.

Below are five potential dangers and hazards that should be taken into consideration…

  • Cots, playpens and high chairs should all meet stringent safety standards and when buying one make sure this is the case. Kids can be at risk from faulty items of furniture such as getting their head stuck between bars, falling from cots where the sides have collapsed or defective high chairs. Make sure each item has the necessary Kitemark or safety stamp when purchasing.
  • Bath time. Children and water must be carefully monitored. When a baby or toddler are having a bath NEVER leave them unattended. Always check water temperature before allowing them into the water and use a non slip rubber mat to prevent serious falls.
  • Plastic bags should be hidden away for reasons I don’t need to state. Be careful when returning from the grocery store, curious minds and hands will have them away when your backs turned! The same goes for Christmas and birthdays when unwrapping and unpacking toys, remove the plastic packaging immediately.
  • Cosmetics medicines and cleaning products. We should all be aware that cosmetics contains toxins and are therefore potentially dangerous. Remember your child will view your make up as something fun and may be curious to play with them and possibly consume them or worse. Medicines should always be locked away or stored in out of reach places. A child’s eyes will see nothing more than sweets or a drink, don’t give them the chance to discover the truth! The same considerations should be made with cleaning products as well.
  • Extra long blind cords have caused tragedies in the past. Check to see how much slack there is when the blind is in the up position. If there is too much excess shorten it so that it will be out of the reach of young curious hands.

This is not meant to scare you, the odds of a nasty accident are remote, but if you take heed of these tips those odds lengthen even more. For further advice and tips the Child Accident Prevention Trust has an excellent website.

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