Childcare Minister Blames Nurseries For Children’s Bad Manners

Childcare Minister Liz Truss is at it again…

The gaffe prone minister has been criticised for her “ill judged” criticism of nurseries after claiming they are producing a generation of toddlers with no manners. Her reasoning centres around “chaotic” pre schools that allow children to do what they want, when they want leading to unruly children who can’t sit still and listen by the time they arrive at primary school.

Well I can safely say Ms Truss has never a Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery, as her representation bears little resemblance to the quality childcare we provide and, for that matter, thousands of other childcare institutions across the country.

Of course I’m not saying that there aren’t less than satisfactory nurseries out there, there are and they get flagged by Ofsted allowing necessary improvements to be put in place.

Neil Leitch, Chief Executive of the Pre School Learning Alliance, said: “It is frankly astonishing that the minister in charge of childcare makes such ill-judged, off-the-cuff statements about what she believes is happening in day nurseries and pre-schools.”

“The picture the minister paints is not one that would be recognised by anyone who knows anything about child development and learning.”

While we in the childcare industry are always looking to improve our education provision, it is important to maintain constructive dialogue with all involved in the process. Generalisations and sweeping statements can create barriers thus slowing the development of pre school education.

If you are interested in how a Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery can benefit your child’s early learning then get in touch via our contact page.

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