Bedford Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Is “Good” Says Ofsted

Another Ofsted inspection, another “good” rating! Bedford Monkey Puzzle received the good rating following Ofsted’s first visit, a fabulous achievement and there were only two areas that prevented them getting an outstanding award!.

The Ofsted team highlighted 4 area where the day nursery were strong these being…

  • Children are motivated and engage readily in new learning. Staff are skilled at using every situation to maximise learning opportunities and, as a result, children make rapid progress in their development.
  • Children develop good communication skills, and confidence with mathematics, because staff provide opportunities within all activities that promote this development.
  • The provision uses strategies that engage all parents and extend children’s learning at home. Precise assessment and focused planning leads to good development for children, taking into account their starting points.
  • The manager employs thorough induction for new staff and good methods of performance management. Consequently, staff are motivated and knowledgeable.

This excellent first inspection result is testament to the hard work that the whole management and staff led by Natalie and Gaynor, have put in. But guess what, they are not going to sit back and bask in their success, no, they are determined to address and improve the two areas that precluded them achieving outstanding status.

So, once again, huge congratulations to the whole team at Bedford Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery, all at Monkey Puzzle are proud of you!

The full Ofsted report can be read here.

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